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Hi, i'm kailan. This thing is a concentration of random. The majority will be animals, art, and dorky things. Feel free to ask if you have a question about something or if you just want to communicate.

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Svartifoss, Iceand | by: { Tim James }

are you ready to get

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This should be posted in school hallways.

Why do you all assume guys are pro rape?

oh my fucking god shut up. She never said y’all are pro rape, but have you ever been to a high school or middle school? Boys are making rape jokes whenever they can and they think it’s hilarious but whenever a girl says she’s on her period y’all get uncomfortable. We understand that all men aren’t this way but she is talking about the ones who are. Chill.







Still hungry?

The average active adult needs 2,000 calories per day in order to function in a safe and healthy manner. If I’m active to the point where I consistently run 1+ hour every day, then it is far more likely that my caloric needs are around 2,400-2,500.
Considering that, a meal of 1,200 calories would perfectly suit my needs. It would supply roughly half of my calorie requirements, which is a God-send since a fast food meal is relatively cheap. It’s a great value, especially if I don’t have much time to cook or have the resources to prepare my own meals!
The average burger is going to supply me with significant protein and carbs. That’s exactly what I’d need in order to build more muscle and have enough energy to make it through a workout. Even the sugar within the meal can be beneficial in supplying me with a boost of energy and can stop me from feeling hungry for a prolonged period of time. Not half bad.
Is this the most healthy meal known to man? Of course not. But it’s still a very reasonable deal and the calorie count is well within the average adult’s daily needs. 
Don’t let calories scare you! You need them. If you were capable of burning off an entire meal within the hour, you’d probably be dead by now.

1200 empty calories in a meal
next to no nutrition. all the calories are sugar and fat. that’s it. you’ll have no energy and have glucose spikes in your blood because the lack of fiber because of the lack of complex carbs. this is diabetes in a meal. 
so no, you should not be hungry for diabetes

Nutritionally, this BK meal contains roughly 28g of protein and 3g of dietary fiber. It potentially also includes 35% of our Vitamin C daily requirements, 2% Vitamin A, 12% calcium, and 27% iron. Of the 1,010 calories (that I could verify directly from the company’s nutritional information guide), only 410 are from fat. That isn’t a terribly significant amount of fat, in the long run, nor are the nutrients small enough to be viewed as negligible.
Eating this will not cause you to get diabetes. Eating this meal is perfectly fine if you do have diabetes, as long as you are able to adjust your insulin intake accordingly. So don’t use an illness as your debate point - Diabetic people are not a prop.

"So don’t use an illness as your debate point - Diabetic people are not a prop." I want that and variations of that on t shirts.

damn, man. Someone just got completely schooled by a nutritionist.


no sorry this is Just Too Much
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science side of Tumblr explain why the ride home always takes less timeĀ 



When I met and shook hands with President Obama on Friday I introduced myself and said, “my name is Spencer Griffin and I work at” He said, “okay, so are you funny?” and I said confidently, “yeah, I’m funny.” And he said, “tell me something funny.” And I blanked. He laughed and said, “yeah, that’s what I thought.” I got roasted by the President of the United States.


Gran Paradiso National Park, Italy | Giorgia Caserio

she sat in the water for like an hour, just staring at the water peacefully